Tentang tulisan gue, dari Nominasi Travelista Kaskus ke Travel To Asian

Berawal dari masuknya tulisan gue sebagai 10 tulisan yang masuk nominasi Travelista ThreadCompetition di Kaskus. Padahal tulisan itu cuma tulisan asal-asalan doang, and like what you know, tulisan gue jauh banget dari tulisan-tulisan tentang traveling kebanyakan. Malah gue pikir tulisan gue ini lebih ke humor dibandingkan travelingnya :|

Nah, singkat ceritanya, karena tulisan gue jadi Hot Thread di Kaskus, dan masuk 10 nominasi terbaik tulisan di Travelista Thread Competition - Walaupun pada akhirnya gak menang :'((, tapi gue udah seneng banget !! Apalagi ketika suatu hari yang cerah-merona-memancarkan-sinarnya, salah satu jurnalis dari web Travel to Asian meminta tulisan gue dimuat di web-nya, dan dialih bahasakan ke bahasa Inggris. (Karena web ini memang berbahasa Inggris, bukan bahasa Sunda. Kalau bahasa Sunda, yah berarti jadi dialih bahasakan ke Bahasa Sunda, kalau web-nya pake bahasa Aborigin, yah berarti bahasanya bahasa Aborigin.) #dibahas

Nah, gue seneng dong, secara itu web yang lumayan banyak dikunjungi, tapi yang agak ngeganjel itu adalah, apa bisa tulisan gue tentang Lombok yang amburadul dan banyak jokes jokes ala Indonesia-nya ini ditranslate ke bahasa inggris? Terus bahasa-bahasa alay-nya juga memang bisa ditranslate ke bahasa Inggris? Apa jadinya coba?

Dan setelah meng-iya-kan tawaran dari Travel to Asian, jadilah tulisan tentang keindahan pantai-pantai di Lombok itu sekarang berbalut bahasa Inggris. Aheuuuuy~

Berikut tulisan yang gue copas dari web Travel to Asian ;

Exotic Beaches In Lombok

Tuesday, April 24th 2012. | Countries, Indonesia

Exotic Beach In Lombok

Enjoyed the Exotic beaches In Lombok? Aside from their chili and super spicy culinary, Lombok also has beautiful beach with soft and white sand like flour. The location of Lombok island itself is in the middle of Indonesia that have it’s own unique beach characteristics. the beauty of those beach are not only that, they have blue water and green water,in addition , they also have really beautiful reef. Thank god for amazing gifts, One of it was Exotic Beaches In Lombok.

I want to review about those beachs one by one which i have visited in lombok with my own knowledge. So, here we go..

Gerupuk Beach

Gerupuk Beach 1 400x300 Exotic Beaches In Lombok
Gerupuk Beach 2 400x300 Exotic Beaches In Lombok
Gerupuk Beach 3 400x300 Exotic Beaches In Lombok

The name Gerupuk, it doesn’t mean that name have meaning “kerupuk”(crackers). Gerupuk beach is located in mid Lombok, this is one of the beautiful beach with wonderful view. And then, Gerupuk beach also has seaweed cultivation which are managed by local people. Even though around the edge of beach, there are seaweeds that can be eaten immediately for free. I didn’t know why when i heared about seaweed cultivation at Gerupuk beach, i want to eat “Pepes Ikan”( fish cook inside a banana leaf) suddenly. I knew it is not connected with main topic, hehe.

Tanjung AAN beach

Tanjung Aan Beach 1 400x300 Exotic Beaches In Lombok
Tanjung Aan Beach 2 425x283 Exotic Beaches In Lombok
Tanjung Aan Beach 3 425x283 Exotic Beaches In Lombok

DO you want to feel something different ? Visit Tanjung Aan Beach, the beach is located near Kuta beach at Lombok, of course this beach have it own unique. Two different kind of sand at same beach. you can feel sand grains of pepper seed if you walk around shoreline, but if you walk at higher ground, then you will walk on soft sand. Cool is not it?
The circumstances of Tanjung Aan beach is a little quiet and it is good for relaxation. But you will get problem from local people who did not hesitate to chase you down to the car for offering their wares. when i have refused purchasing for goods whom sold by alitlle kid, he became cranky and hit the car in anger of merchandise not purchased. damn right? i really want to hit him with a car, unfortunately, i’m afraid if my head will be slashed by his father’s cleaver.

Kuta Lombok Beach

Kuta Beach Lombok 1 225x300 Exotic Beaches In Lombok
Kuta Beach Lombok 2 225x300 Exotic Beaches In Lombok

Bali island has kuta beach ? don’t get it wrong, Lombok also have Kuta too, and i think Kuta beach in Lombok is cooler than Kuta beach in Bali which has many “cowboy beach”. yaaark #puke

From all beach in central lombok, Kuta beach is most widely visited by tourist.this beach a little unsuitable for swimming because of the many coral on the beach. but try visiting Kuta beach in February, when five days after the full moon according to calendar sasak.

Kuta beach is going very fully visited by  tourists who come to attend a festival or celebration Bau Nyale, the celebration taking marine worms. which they said it was more crowded then malls in Jakarta that were having a midnite sale. Bealieve it or not. it is true.

Why is able to be so crowded? it is said that Bau Nyale (catch the worm) has existed since long time ago. Legend behind this festival is the story of Princess “nyale” Mandalika, princess Mandalika who famous of her beautiful with her wavy hair that hung down like ocean (salon where is she?) is very much loved by princess of neighbour kingdom.

So, because so many princes who fight over her, finally princess mandalika become stress and upset. Seen from her status in twitter @PutriMandalika. The following is the latest statuses from twitter which i copy and paste from her twitter.

“ih, why s0 m4ny 4r3 Re4lly L1ke me … i 4m c0nfused t0 Select wh1ch 0ne,ah well i will do a suicide then.?”

“i 4m quite 4nnoyed now”

she is crazy, isnt she? if we got troubling then we are enough taking bath, she is troubled then do suicidal thing, becareful with Lombok girl, men.

And finally, when she was troubled to long, princess Mandalika gather all princes in Kuta beach by announcing it through twitter. cause so many follower of Princess Mandalika, then many princess and local people came to the beach. After all gathered, Princess Mandalika stand in one of big coral, with a wistful face and softly, the princess Mandalika falled herself into ocean with the waves and the roar of lightning ( almost like dramatic movies). A few minutes later the princess did not come to the surface, appear event thousand of colored worms are believed to be incarnation of Princess Mandalika. The end.

Sea Worms a.k.a Nyale

I was pretty sad hearing story of Princess Mandalika, not because of she kill herself tragicly. but because she  is troubled womand, unstable, and Weird.

Senggigi Beach

Senggigi Beach 1 400x300 Exotic Beaches In Lombok
Senggigi Beach 2 425x283 Exotic Beaches In Lombok
Senggigi Beach 3 425x283 Exotic Beaches In Lombok

Senggigi Beach is said to have a blue coral that spread widely and there are only two in the world. another one i do not know where is it. This is also included the area that is rather expensive because there are so many seaside resorts.

To reach Lombok, especially the beaches i mentioned above, you can use overland-ferry from island of java, Bali and then cross to lombok. If you want to through the air, you can use some airlines, One of those is Lion air, from Jakarta to Mataram then lombok.

Well, the beaches i mentioned above was (except for Senggigi) not too far from the international airport in Lombok, probably about 30 minutes drive by car. there is also public transportation that can deliver, but it is very difficult and rare. Better rent a car or motorcycle as well. You can visit the Writer’s Blog here, and his Twitter @Takdos. Enjoy Exotic beaches In Lombok.

Aneh kan? Hahahaha.. Yah begitu deh, moral ceritanya adalah :

Tulis dan lakukan apa yang lo senangi. Karena walaupun berbeda dari orang lain, itu bukan berarti jelek. Intinya, jadilah diri sendiri !! 

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  2. amiiiiin.. Makasih yaaaah Ecchiiii :D

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  4. Hukakaka, gila lo bang.
    ya gue mengucapkan selamat ye udah jadi nominasi walau kagak menang. jangan berkecil hati, pan hadiahnya juga buku tulis satu pak ama termos.. ups.

    anyway, kalau dalam bahasa indo, tulisan tentang trevelidiciulos Lombok itu bisa bikin ngakak, apa pas bahasa inggrisnya, bule di sono ngeh gak ya?? wkwkw

    anyway, congrats. ditunggu lagi postingannya.

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  6. Wekekekek tulisan alaynya sengaja dimuat gan, biar tuh bule2 yg baca pada bingung (Lagian kalo diilangin, ntar malah ciri khasnya agan takdos ngilang)trus abis baca nih post, ntu bule2 bakal rame2 ngecek twitter ntu tuan putri, sambil mikir WTF?! Is this for real?

    Wekekekke kapan lagi bisa ngerjain bule :)

    Salam To Table Square Square (Kemeja Kotak2)

    Terus berkarya gan :D

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      Makasih gan :)
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      Salam Berkarya :D

  7. Pasti Bule-bule disana pada cari bahasa gaul indonesia langsung ke tokobuku or via online,, *bule2 berjuang demi untuk tau artinya.
    tetap perkaya bahasa indonesia n bahasa gaulnya mas bro

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