Backpacker Indonesia, continues an amazing journey, we are building on our heritage to move the products ahead. We view the products as a merging of Indonesia heritage’s values, innovation and sustainability.

We are glad to introduce you our latest development Geniroga backpack. We invite you take a look at our proud products. Geniroga born from our awareness to elevate the values of the Indonesia culture.

Geniroga derived from the word "geni" means "fire" and the Sanskrit word "roga" means "sick". Philosophically means significant forces to always defeat the enemy with ease.

Fabric made from the process of weaving. Weaving itself is an activity to make the fabric by entering the yarn feed horizontally on the threads of the warp, usually tied up in advance and already dipped into natural dyes. Natural dyes are usually made from tree roots and some are using foliage.

Indonesia known as a society full of rich culture and diversity, Geniroga is expecting to lead to a positive awareness, creates a feeling of love towards to the heritage.

Backpacker Indonesia's commitment to give all the products become a brand with high values!

Ms. Intan is working on the material to be weaved with the traditional equipment. She has been learned this skills since she was childhood.
Sasak tribe had so many varieties of weaving designs, while the traditional weaving not only from Sasak tribe. There are many islands in Indonesia which is also providing different style of designs on the fabrics. Meanwhile, the designs itself would be depending on the cultures of every places in Indonesia. Can you imagine how rich indonesia with cultures and diversity?
Women in Sasak tribe should have abillity and skill to weave the fabric
Whatever Backpacker's founder (Adis) and Sasak's senior weaver (Mrs. Yani)

Our first #BringThemHappiness event at SDN Tonjong, Desa Hariang, Kab. Sumedang, West Java

High Five For Donate:

Following into the concepts of social business movement in 2015, we are truly believe, how much you spent for purchasing our products, this is will go to donate for our charity program. Therefore, you are able to participate anytime with us. Let us spread our love and compassion through purchase Whatever Backpacker's products or else  you are only   donating Rp 50.000 means the funds would be distributed into the products and school equipment.


By choosing the Bronze bundle, you will be able to get 1 Geniroga Series backpack and in the same time you can save 25% off from retail price as this bundle will be selling up to Rp1.500.000 in January 2017.


By choosing the Silver bundle, you will be able to get 1 Geniroga Series backpack + rain cover, and in the same time you can save 30% off from retail price as this bundle will be selling up to Rp1.550.000 in January 2017.


By choosing the Gold bundle, you will be able to get 3 pieces Geniroga Series backpack and in the same time you can save Rp. 525.000 of early bid prices plus save 35% off from retail price as this bundle will be selling up to Rp4.000.000 in January 2017. Invite your friends to get too!


A limited edition bundle. By choosing the Platinum bundle, you will be able to get 1 Geniroga Series backpack, save 30% off from retail price and you will get a special trip to Lombok for 4 days 3 nights, include:

- Return ticket from Jakarta
- Hotel for 3 nights
- Snorkeling and Party in Gili Trawangan
- North Lombok Trip
- Transport
- 20kg Baggage
- Private trip to learning about Sasak's weaven
- And, charming guide. Yeah, that's me!

besides limited seats, this bundle will be selling up to Rp 6.100.000 in January 2017.

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  1. BOOM! Ini yang kemaren ya. Asli keren banget!!!!

  2. Wuih tasnya keren, Indonesia banget ini. Mau yang blue sasak :D

    1. yak, silahkan langsung diisi formnyaaa~

  3. Yoklah ada yang barengan biar bisa beli paket gold >_<

    1. tuh ada yang ngajak tuuuuuh gold mayan jadi murah~

  4. sumba v3 kapan keluar ? kok malah genoriga. mana keren gini lagi.
    niat banget lu bikin gw bangkrut dis, makin ngegembel dah kalo traveling ntar

    1. sumba V3 itu ya iniiiiii! Sama kayak sumba pendahulunya, tapi lebih terorganisir dan tsakep~!

    2. iyakah wkwk abis di blog lu kmaren bilangnya sumba v3 ukurannya bisa digedein ato dikecilin

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  5. eh itu 1000 guru gmn cara jadi volunteernya bang? maap salah fokus wkwkkw

  6. aaaak uda 3 bulan gue gak stalking blog lu bang, btw tasnya keren abis dah :D
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  7. harganya berapa ya

  8. itu maharnya berapa, trus cara ngelamarnya gimana?

  9. Pengen beli yang blue sasak, nabung dulu :D

  10. wih keren motifnya, fiturnya juga pas banget untuk traveling

  11. Babang, merujuk ke postingan sebelumnya (Sumba V3), fitur solar charger, anti theft, sama ukurannya bisa digedein jadi 100L masih ada nggak?


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